Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Little Trick or Treat going on here!

I got my Stampin Up order and my Halloween Kit. I decided I wanted to put it together,  now I want everyone to know, sometimes I need a little help with things, because my hands give out and it is so nice that my sister is not only my up line but my best friend as well. She had to listen to me all weekend.  So I am giving her a great big Thank YOU!!( I made her Zucchini Bread).

Now on to my Howl-o-ween Kit, the hardiest for me was the Rosettes(haven't made one in awhile) and finding a picture. With my move, I have given my children so many of them. But! I found this one of my son(who is now in his 30's) when he was about 10yrs old.  I hope he will forgive me.

I added a few things to it, I love to add extra bling and if you look real close, I think there are some googlies eyes.

Here is my version.

I hope you enjoy.

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