Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap

 I saw this great idea on Pinterest and I hope everyone gets excited about it  as I am. I was late for the sign up so I decided to do my own.  This will be fun and just think of all the new friends you will make.

I am hosting A Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap! Told you it would be exciting. I just know everyone has a recipe or two to share.

This recipe swap is really easy to take part in and is for EVERYONE!  Bloggers, non-bloggers, US residents, and international friends.

Sign up for the Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap by Dec 5th.
  • On December 5th, I’ll be emailing everyone with their partners.
  • Introduce yourself to your partner, and email him/her a unique Christmas Cookie recipe you love.  (Please send a recipe you’ve made and like to eat – not just one your eyeing online or in a magazine.)
  • Make the recipe your partner sends to you and snap a picture or two.
  • If your a blogger, post the recipe you received with your photos on your blog December 15th.  If you’re not a blogger and want the recipe you receive shared – email me the recipe and photo.  I will share any recipes sent to us in a separate blog post.  {You will have my email address when the pairs are assigned}

  • To join in on the Recipe Swap let me know here or email me at

  • Pick an amazing recipe!  This is about getting a new possible family favorite

    Let the Fun begin!!


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