Friday, June 1, 2012

Beware of the Bacon

I know everyone knows I am moving to Las Vegas to live with my lovely sister Brenda, but what allot of you don't know is 3rd 10 days ago I was cooking bacon, well I was trying a new idea (that I got from Rachael Ray) that is to bake your bacon, it helps get rid of all the fat and is a little more figure friendly.

Well I must not have listen to the directions because when i pulled the bacon out of the oven the baking sheet wobbled and the hot grease went on the top of my foot and I have 3rd degree burns. Now let me tell you that was painful, I could have kicked myself if it wouldn't have hurt. Now I am sorting and packing hobbling around on one foot. It is funny. The good news is the blisters have all drained on their own and now the healing begins.

Yesterday I finally could get on with bandage my sandal, so now I can board that plane!!!!

Lesson in all this Beware of the Bacon!!!


  1. OMGosh, how awful. I've heard grease burns are the worst. I cook my bacon in the micro (between paper towel on a heavy paper plate).

  2. O M Gosh Jackie! I hope you're ok. I know how painful that can be so just follow the doctor"s orders.
    I'm happy you're moving to LV I'm sure you will like it here but I hope you like hot weather because it's HOT!
    Hopefully I'll be able to meet you one day if you join Sherrill"s monthly meet up group.
    Best wishes


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