Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just the Cooliest Thing I Have Found yet!

I love Christmas and Christmas Trees so I found a website to get this cool widget. So if there are any other Christmas Freaks go get yours by clicking my Christmas Tree and let the count down begin.

I am so forgotful. My sister reminded me that you need to click on get this widget at the bottom of the tree, then click on get this code at the top left and then click on B for blogger or whichever icon describes your blog. Then click on get this code, Whew!!  Then you can get this lovely tree, it wouldn't copy so if you want to see it go to my blog at

Christmas will be over before I get this right.

Tip:  Whatever time you add the widget is when it will change day, ex: I added mine at 11pm so it changes at 11pm.

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